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Cincygamers People
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Current Members          Favorite Games                        Location
Cal Adler                                           ?                                                                                 Clifton
Mike Bidwell                                     ?                                                                                 ?
Chase Bramwell (38.69)               ?                                                                                 ?
Debbie Brensike                              ?                                                                                 ?
Scott Brensike                                 ?                                                                                 ?
Ted Cheatham                                 ?                                                                                 ?
Greg Doherty                                   Axis and Allies, Dune                                              Western Hills
Dave Ehlers (15.94)                       Axis and Allies, Diplomacy, Dune                        Montgomery
Jeff Finkeldey (22.31)                   Traders of Genoa, Down in Flames                     Colerain
Matt Gardner                                   ASL                                                                             Milford
Lucas Hedgren                                ?                                                                                  ?
Ed and Karen Jones                        ?                                                                                  ?
Tony Jones                                       ?                                                                                  ?
Matt Karlen                                      Vinci, Strat-o-Matic                                                 Akron, OH
Cathy and Glenn Kuhlman             ?                                                                                  ?
John McMillan                                  Union Pacific                                                             Green Twp
Tricia McMillan                                 Carcassone                                                               Green Twp
John Palagyi (44.22)                     Cosmic Encounter, Union Pacific                           Kings Island
John Rosa                                         ?                                                                                  ?
Mike Rosal (40.24)                          ?                                                                                  Forest Park
Dave Stultz                                      Aquire, Settlers of Catan                                       Deer Park
Scott Tullis                                       Union Pacific, Ra                                                      West Chester
Cheryl Tullis                                     Settlers of Catan                                                     West Chester
Rodney Varner                                Wildlife Adventure                                                   Mason
Rick Vonderbrink                             ?                                                                                  Montgomery
Scott Wright                                     ?                                                                                  ?
Brian Yu                                            Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit                            San Francisco, CA
Dale Yu (58.17)                               Settlers of Catan, Onhe Furcht und Adel            West Chester
Steve Carpenter (14.39)               ?                                                                                  ?

Others who have gamed with us:
Joe Bazeley 
Brendan Bogosian 
Tim McKenna 
Shelly Stultz

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