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2000 Recaps


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Partial '00 Recaps -- will finish uploading soon


DaveE*, Joe, Mike, Cal, MattK, Dale

We started out the night with a spirited game of Junta. In this game, you try to help rule some teeny banana republic (with all of the political intrigue associated with it) - with the end goal being putting the most money (out of the national budget which is itself from foreign aid) into your own personal Swiss bank account. After a quick summary of the rules, we were underway. DaveE managed to get assassinated in the first round - more by dumb luck than anything else - and this set the tone for the entire game. Virtually each round, someone was assassinated and a coup was attempted to overthrow the government. DaveE did have one streak of being president for 3 or 4 consecutive turns which allowed him to put many many dollars in the bank. In the end, he was clearly ahead of the rest of us. Overall, the game was greatly entertaining - however, in the future, I think the game would be better served by speeding it up (by doling out more money per turn) - our game went 4 hours!

Joe*, Cal, Dale, DaveE

We then turned to the great beer and pretzels game of WizWar. This game is a little like Magic the Gathering played on a board. Each of the players are wizards and you try to either collect two of your opponent's treasures or to just destroy the other wizards (via spells/attacks that you play on your turn). We were playing with both expansions in the deck. As it turned out, Joe drew the "Public Funds" card which made all treasures ownerless - thus he was able to bring his own treasure back to his home space to win the game. Eventhough he had to show us that he had this card, we basically forgot about it until it was too late and Joe basically stole the game from under us!

Joe*, Cal, Dale, DaveE

Once again, we pulled out this little gem for some struggles between the Roses and the Eagles. Joe and Cal had never played before, so we had to quickly go over the rules so that everyone could start on equal ground. Though a newbie to the game, Joe quickly took control of the game by being on the winning side of the first 6 battles (out of 8). He was so far ahead of the rest of us by the end of the game that it wasn't even funny.

Dale*, Cal, Joe, DaveE

Despite the late hour (about 3:15 AM), we plunged into one more game of Verrater. As we had just finished a game of Verrater, this one went quickly. Most of the group was rather tired at this time, and it proved to be very difficult to think straight while choosing the action cards and playing supply cards in battle. At the end of this exhausting night, Dale ended up on top of the last game - though no one could explain why. After 9 hours of gaming, we decided to call it a night - but not before tentatively agreeing to get together next weekend!





Note: All session reports from 3/00 to 12/00 are lost! If they are found, they'll be posted here.